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Wanna expand your 3.75” cult movie figure collection? Then I recommend to preorder your #SURFNAZISMUSTDIE Hook resin action figure now. This guy just went up for purchase. Limited to 35 pcs only! Follow store link in profile.
Buzz-Off having hell of a ride.
. @tromateam has one last Adolf and a few samples of the new Hook figure for you. Available @ Chiller, NJ next weekend! Those Hooks’re actually marked ‘NYCC Exclusive Promo’, but then the postal service let us down. You won’t make it to NJ next weekend? No prob. Hook preorders start on Sat, Oct 18th, 11.30pm GMT+1! #SURFNAZISMUSTDIE!
There’s rumors about a super limited Shark Edition btw. Stay tuned! #SURFNAZISMUSTDIE #Hook dropping Oct 18th!!
The 3.75” Goodleg posse keeps growing.
"…Got the shark." @tromateam x Goodleg Toys #SURFNAZISMUSTDIE HOOK preorders start this Saturday, Oct 18th, 11.30pm GMT+1!
Finally killed that mold. #HoloApes
Doubles. Rubber beasts anyone?
I can’t so no d*#%. Preorders open until Sunday, guys. Show the world how ready you are, even if the world is not!