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And off to RORC with this communist scum! ;)
"Always believe in yourself. Even if the world ain’t ready." @bigmantoys x @goodlegtoys Battle Gaze 2, coming soon! #thetimeisright #truthinanutshell
#BudSpencer test shot. A Goodleg Toys x Teptec Studios release, coming soon!
Sweetest mail day!! Finally acquired my first 5.5” @galaxxor. Thanks for the ‘lil’ extra, Ben!! You rule!!
"In a time of increasing ignorance, anger, and fear, it will actually take alot of balls to put out an action figure release like this. But always remember! Always believe in yourself, even if the world ain’t ready yet." A @bigmantoys x Goodleg Toys release is gonna shake the earth… SOON!
Still holes to fill. But picked up a few more MotU tapes at the local flea market today. Have a few doubles now. # 6, # 7, #14, # 15. 2€ ea excl. shipping. Drop me a message when interested!
Look what we just found! Apparently someone didn’t like his chap-mei soldier and drowned him in this fountain! Well, they’re not too bad afterall.
#Muskolator production is on!  Leaving preorders open until Sunday night! So, there’s still time to grab one over at http://!
Brought some disgusting toys from my trip to Tenerife! Worth every penny, haha!
This guy just went up for preorder!