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Dino Knights done. Thanks everyone who purchased. Figs ship within the next couple of days!
And in the end it’s always more work than you thought… :P Dino Knights Tricetan production has begun. (In case you want one and have not ordered yet, I’ll leave the preorder open a few days more. Follow store link in profile.)
Grab one, before he’s gone! http://
Here’s our next #WarOnPrehis spin-off, ‘Dino Knights’, Tricetan! Now up for grabs!!
Pool party, yes! #Berlin #Melting
… fading Death Drone. Based on an idea by Master English Customs! (Freaking talented guy btw.)
Gem cyber eye! #deathdrone #wop #waronprehis
Will be adding a few more 1-off Death Drones today. #wop #waronprehis
Turf Wars is live. Über-rare and awesome.!