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Originally I only wanted do 5 of these. But… everyone should be able to celebrate his or her personal dark rituals at home. That’s why Battle Bones will be available for everyone through preorder for 7 days from tomorrow night!
Skull Force approves!
"Hundreds of years before civilization dried up Prehis’ fertile swamps, and thousands of years before a meteor impact turned civilization to dust, there was a heroic time of glory, guts and glowing steel. It was the time of the DINO KNIGHTS! Leading a war against the evil sorcerer SAUR-O-MAN, who wanted to put the land under his grim reign." - Drop date is set for upcoming Wednesday, @ Midnight GMT+1.
Super limited Nightmare Edition will be available too (sealed w/ GitD coat, see picture I posted few minutes ago.)
This guy next. Dino Knights, Battle Bone!
Ralph killing it again. Want a poster of this? Lemme know! Want a figure of this? Then you better hurry. Only a few units left to preorder!
She-Drone loves watching ECW Death matches. It reminds her of her rotten home planet. Although ECW is like thumb wrestling compared to Prehis.
She-Drone is now up for purchase! So is this trading card by Ralph Niese, included in every purchase!
Tonight is ladies night!