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Mail day,  f*** yeah! SNMD soundtrack by @strangedisc. Thanks dude, I love this!!
She-Drone custom paint
Saur-O-Man & Battle Bone production has begun.
Hooray for adventure time! Discovered an old bunker next to the place where we’re staying! (hier: Horns Rev, Blåvand)
På stranden. (hier: Stranden Blåvand)
I skoven. #blegh (hier: Horns Rev, Blåvand)
Saur-O-Man and his minions went up for preorder yesterday night!
Tricetan gets eaten up by some giant spiders and a Battle Bone the dark lord Saur-O-Man has summoned! Are you ready for tonight’s drop?!
Originally I only wanted do 5 of these. But… everyone should be able to celebrate his or her personal dark rituals at home. That’s why Battle Bones will be available for everyone through preorder for 7 days from tomorrow night!
Skull Force approves!